I am rich

I am rich. No, I am not talking about rich in love, compassion or any of that jazz (that’d be for another story). I am talking about cold, hard cash. There, I’ve said it. Despite growing up in a culture where one does not talk about money. Which I think is wrong. It only serves the rich and disadvantages the less fortunate or even victims of oppression, like women for example. We often wonder why there is not more [...]

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Power to the People!

How Blockchain tech will change the world Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, the most exciting thing ever! I know, it is all over the media these days, but for the wrong reasons. Or rather, most reports do a terrible job explaining how terrific this technology really is. We are in the midst of a revolution, a paradigm shift. The world will be very different in 10 years’ time, largely because of Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology, which will [...]

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