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Vielleicht sind wir nie wirklich geflogen

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Was zur Hölle ist los mit diesen Idioten? Zerstören und plündern, das hat nun wirklich nichts mehr mit #blacklivesmatter zu tun. Das ist sinnlose Gewalt, auf's Schärfste zu verurteilen. Nö. Was derzeit auf den Straßen passiert ist weder sinnlos, noch zu verurteilen. Es ist einfach ein Symptom unserer gescheiterten Gesellschaft, so wie beispielsweise auch hungernde Kinder in Afrika. Letztlich sind es Menschen ohne Geld oder Perspektive. Menschen, die ihre Macht als Kollektiv realisieren. Menschen, die 2 Jobs hatten, aber dennoch [...]


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What the hell is wrong with those people, looting and rioting. This isn’t about #blacklivesmatter anymore. It is just senseless violence, completely uncalled for. Nah. It is neither senseless, nor uncalled for. It is merely a symptom of our failing society, just like starving kids in Africa. Essentially it is just a bunch of people without money or perspective, who realize their power as a collective, as the suffering majority. People who worked 2 jobs, yet still struggled to [...]

Wild beauty Rio (2)

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S poiler, I – again – had to look down the barrel of a gun, albeit under vastly different circumstances. I had meanwhile moved to a different part of the city, close to the ocean. A rich neighborhood. Considerably more secure, I was told, mainly achieved by a massive presence of different police forces. Municipal guards, federal police, military police. There was a police car at nearly every street corner, always with flashing red lights, always on alert. Private [...]

Not every day

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It still hits me sometimes. Not every day, lol, no, no. Not every day. It’s been 6 months already, of course not every day. That’d be weird. Every day, ha, I mean, hello? I have a life. No, really, it’s a life, not a distraction. A great life, an exciting life, my life. With new hopes and dreams, new good things, new me, new everything . No new you though, how could I, when it still hits me [...]

Not my rules

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If I had to put myself on a political spectrum, I'd identify as an Anarchist. What does that actually mean? Most people think Anarchists are against any kind of rules. They want "anarchy", a state of disorder. Well, that's not correct. The problem are not rules, laws, regulations per se, but rather how they come to be. Anarchists reject rules that are forced on them without their meaningful participation, rules established by a ruling authority. Our democratic system qualifies as such [...]

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Don’t settle for that

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Life sucks. Yes, come on…. admit it. Yours, too. I know it's hard, in a society dominated by social media news streams, full of photos and stories flashing glamour, adventure and carefreeness. On paper it looks great, too. Not starving, a comfy bed and even money to spend on travels, latest fashion trends and electronic consumer goods. On top of that, if you play your cards right – so you are told – you'll climb up the ladder, [...]

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A fish-eating-vegan?

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Ok, so this will throw off a lot of people, but I've been thinking about that for quite a while already. It needs to get OUT: I've been vegan for - I don't know - 4, or 5 years. However, that doesn't mean I don't kill anything anymore.In the last 12 months, for example, I ate (and hence killed) about 6 fish, and probably 5 times as many eggs.Undoubtedly, I am not one of those vegans who can proudly proclaim that [...]

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What does it take to trust?

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A couple of weeks ago, when I was in Mysore, India, I wanted to rent a motorbike. I called several rental companies but there was none available. But then I got hold of a phone number from someone willing to rent out his bike (that is pretty much how things work here). I called and an Indian lady picked up. She told me to come and see the bike. We also agreed on the price, about 60 Euro for [...]

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I love ants

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There are heaps in the house I currently live in. They are roaming around, exploring, carrying, lifting… Always busy, so it seems. I love to watch them living alongside me, making use of the bits and pieces that are constantly shedding off my life. One day, when I was living by the beach, I noticed of a small delegation of ants checking out the bathroom, intrigued by countless tiny sand particles all over the place (fyi: when you live [...]

Act Up!

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Drunken tourists party hard and leave one of Australia’s pristine beaches trashed. The public is outraged and so are the responsible politicians. It doesn’t take one day before alcohol is banned for the rest of summer on that particular beach (by the way, the only Sydney beach where it was still allowed to drink at certain times). Social media and comment sections of relevant articles resemble a battlefield. It always is whenever something is banned (which is pretty often), [...]

Power to the People!

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How Blockchain tech will change the world Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, the most exciting thing ever! I know, it is all over the media these days, but for the wrong reasons. Or rather, most reports do a terrible job explaining how terrific this technology really is. We are in the midst of a revolution, a paradigm shift. The world will be very different in 10 years’ time, largely because of Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology, which will [...]

Don’t crap on others

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My article DON'T SETTLE FOR THAT - where I, admittedly - harshly, condemn our consumerist society, sparked some criticism. People say, "Why are you so miserable? I love my life, why can't you enjoy yours too? Yes, you’re right on some points, especially regarding excessive consumerism, but overall, life is pretty good. My job is OK, it pays for everything I need and more, so I really can´t complain. Don´t be so negative!" Here's what I have to say: 1. I [...]